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Subsearch offers links to various subtitle sites. Subsearch.org is meant to be a fast and reliable source for subtitles and it also ist very easy to use.
Our site is also as simple as possible and we are trying to make it better and better.

A little about history

Lauri Paimen, the man behind the idea, created first version of Subsearch for his own use. He developed it further and it got more popular every day. In 2007, Quirzo joined the crew and added some subtitle sites and fixed some bugs. In 2008, Lauri Paimen gave Subsearch to Eagle who is now the new owner.


Eagle - eagle (ät) subsearch.org
Quirzo - quirzo (ät) subsearch.org

Special thanks

Special thanks to Sorku, who is owner of SubtitleSource and has helped us many times.
Myssynen did the logo and the favicon.
Of course, thanks to Lauri Paimen too!

Terms of use

By using Subsearch's search engine or other services (later: "Subsearch"), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:
This site is made available for your personal, non-commercial use only. For commercial use, contact subsearch's webmaster.
Subsearch takes no responsibility of anything on site.
Subsearch takes no responsibility for the content of any site indexed in any search results or otherwise linked to by Subsearch.
If you find inappropriate material, contact author of that material. If you find lots of such material, please contact author of subsearch, too.
You may not send automated queries of any sort to Subsearch's system without express permission in advance from Subsearch.
You accept that all information you provide to Subsearch in any way (eg: technically you must provide your IP and more, manually you may give search terms, and so on) may be saved and used in any way possible. Usually this means statistical usage and tracking for abuse. If you want to delete information collected from you this far, contact webmaster with your IP and accurate visiting dates.

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